Promoting Fishing For Litter activities & use of EMFAF support

21 September 2022
Renaissance Brussels Hotel

Rue du Parnasse 19,
1050 Brussels

DG MARE, in cooperation with KIMO, organises a one-day hybrid stakeholders event to promote marine litter collection schemes and to examine what and how different funding mechanisms could support their further uptake.

Marine litter collection activities, such as Fishing for Litter schemes, are important tools in marine litter prevention and reduction. In this context, the event will identify challenges and barriers in setting up and running Fishing for Litter schemes and what lessons could be learned from the past and recent experiences. The participants will also examine how different funding mechanisms could support further uptake of fishing for litter schemes and what support from EU funds is available to deliver on the objectives and targets set out in the EU legislation (in particular Single-Use Plastics and Port Reception Facilities Directives).

The event will bring together a wide range of stakeholders, such as national and local authorities, civil society organisations, waste managers, harbour masters and representatives of fishing industry. The agenda will include 2 workshop sessions, where practical questions on how to set up and run marine litter collection schemes or what the challenges and barriers are, will be discussed. Different stakeholders will also take part in two dedicated panels discussions to explore more in-depth the questions identified in the workshop sessions.


Hybrid event


21st September from 09:00 to 17:00


On this website and our social media platforms using the hashtag #fish4litter